Why Aris Steel ?

With extensive hands-on experience in steel framing industry since 1996, the directors decided to put up their own steel framing machine under the banner of Aris Steel to cater to the needs of the market, thus providing quality and fully engineered steel frames, steel trusses, steel joists, steel purlins, c channels, from  Melbourne Victoria to all over Australia and New Zealand for residential and commercial projects, modular and transportable homes and fit-outs.

Aris Steel can provide 6 meter and 8 meter purlin lengths but can provide customized lengths as per requirements with 125mm dia holes at specified location

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Advantages of Steel

» Steel frames and trusses are light and easy to transport. It’s also quick and simple to erect them on site as all the components are fully machine labelled.

» Wall and roof framing made from steel is termite and borer proof, hence there is no need for additional treatment from termite or pest attack

» Steel is also non-combustible, so it reduces the amount of flammable material in a home or commercial place and it has the capacity to withstand severe bush fires also.

» The inherent strength of the steel provides much better structural integrity and allows for bigger spans to be covered in any project.

» Wall and roof frames made from steel are fully engineered to be dimensionally accurate.

» Steel frames does not twist or warp, thus reducing the problems on site like Planning and packing as steel frames are straight and true to their design